Sun-Chaser and Moon-Waiter

Peter B.

23 March 2020

Shadow-Chaser ans Moon-Waiter
You and I were born on the same chaotic system- same sun, same moon. The same hands had created us both, and we were to be together. We were to stay safe inside the infinite unknown.
We slept well on the first night… but the wonders of the night soon drive us apart.
You were so bright- the darkness needed you to explore it.
All that darkness you chased away had to go somewhere. I don’t think you knew.
I had never seen the darkness before. You had always been by my side to keep it away.
If you must chase the darkness, then I will hold its shadows.
It caused me so much pain to hold them all but then…
I saw light.
You came back.
Every now and then, you have to leave but I am ready when you do.
This world would be very dark without Us- you the Shadow-Chaser, and I the Moon.
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