Letters To E ✸

20 Mar 21 It’s Saturday night; I’ve been feeling incredibly alone all this week. I’m not sure what made it come about. I’m not sure why I haven’t felt up to socializing much this week. Nothing feels quite right; I’m in that place where I want to feel safe and secure and surrounded by people,Continue reading

Autumn Slide

15 August 2020 I caught a chill in the air just as the Try Guys were recounting their Halloween memories (when is the appropriate time to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas? Why is Thanksgiving coming later and later each year?) I got excited about being here. I haven’t felt autumn weather in a while. TheContinue reading “Autumn Slide”

3 August 2020 I keep hearing Christmas songs. My dad’s been musing out loud about how we can take a “family vacation” to Florida if the US is cleared up in November, December, and January. I can’t fathom it any more now than I could last year. Really, I can’t even imagine Christmas or theContinue reading


8 April 2020 This piece evokes a both a profound sense of intimate closeness and a desperate sense of longing through separation through it’s use of shape and simulated touch. I wasn’t planning on leaving the second hand unpainted and turning this into a photography piece. Once I laid my hand down to try toContinue reading ““Tantalus””


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